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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (DRAFT)FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Perth, Australia 22nd August 2014. Nathan Buzza Blue SkyPerth Based technology entrepreneur, Nathan Buzza today announced that he had joined the board of Alcidion Pty Ltd, a leading edge health informatics company specializing in Clinical Decision Support. Buzza was well known for his CommtechWireless business, which developed clinical middleware solutions that were deployed globally. In 2008, Buzza divested CommtechWireless to Amcom Software, which was acquired by USA Mobility for $USD163.8m. Most recently, Buzza had announced his divestment of Azure Healthcare (ASX:AZV), a manufacturer of nursecall and clinical workflow solutions. “I am extremely excited to be coming on board with Alcidion. After spending the last two decades in the clinical middleware space, I have had the opportunity to review countless software platforms and without a doubt, the Alcidion platform represents one of the most significant innovations in Clinical Decision Support that I have seen over this time. The entire team at Alcidion should be commended on developing a world class solution and I am looking forward to commercializing the platform. Alcidion’s Chief Scientist and co-founder of Alcidion, Professor Malcolm Pradhan holds a PhD from Stanford University in Medical Informatics and was recently the clinical lead for the National e-Health Transition Authority as is considered a global authority on Clinical Decision Support. Professional Pradhan commented “Health care will be unsustainable due to generational changes with a three to four times increase in complex patients – the only viable solution to develop a sustainable health care environment requires that health IT play an integral role in health care delivery. Alcidion’s Chief Executive and former Chair of the SA Health Commission, Mr Ray Blight commented “Health care is primarily about risk management: Detection, monitoring and mitigation. An informatics platform should play a more active role in assisting clinicians. Over the past decade, Alcidion has invested millions of dollars into developing a world class solution and we extremely excited about commercializing the platform” ABOUT ALCIDON Alcidion is a leading provider of intelligent informatics for high performance healthcare that empowers clinicians with decision support tools to ensure the highest quality of care for their patients. By providing clinicians with decision support tools and making recommendations about patient care, patient flow and patient safety the organisational efficiency may be optimised and key clinical risks eliminated. END ###

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